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Color Theory: frosting

Buttercream frosting can be an intimidating thing to master especially when you can’t achieve that super white frosting everyone loves.

Baking is a science and along the way I have come up with tricks for salvaging buttercream frosting.

Ever notice that a stick of butter is yellow? If you’re making a batch of frosting and the butter is not whipped properly, or long enough, you will be left with a yellow tinted frosting. That may be ok if you want that look, but most people don’t. Even if you’re adding food color to your frosting, getting the best results will come from starting from a true white frosting.

I will have a separate post on making buttercream frosting.

Color Theory:

Yellow and purple are complementary colors, meaning they are directly across from each other on the color wheel.

As someone who’s used to paint, I learned that mixing complementary colors together will cancel each other out.

This theory can be used for making super white buttercream. This will ONLY work if you have that yellowTheory-y tinted frosting.

Start by taking a tooth pick and add the smallest bit of purple to your frosting and mix. Here, the purple will cancel out the yellow resulting in white frosting.


You end up with gray frosting:

You added too much purple. Remember you can add color but can’t take it back out. Add little dots at a time with a tooth pick until your buttercream is white. Don’t squeeze your food coloring directly into your frosting bowl. You’ll get a big glob of food coloring and end up with purple frosting.

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